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Visualization in support of MCNP
A product of White Rock Science

New Features:
PVM support for Distributed Computing on Unix and Windows
Revised LINUX version available with Dynamic Array Sizes
Support for ITS (Integrated TIGER Series) ACCEPT Geometry
A whole lot more. See the Full List (updated September, 2004).
PC version for Windows (98, 95, NT4)
Includes Dynamic Array Dimensioning

Sabrina is a graphics code primarily used with the Monte Carlo N-particle code MCNP.

Sabrina is used to visualize 3-dimensional geometries in which MCNP and other codes simulate the transport of radiation. Ray tracing is the primary method for generating images. The user can trade off resolution of the ray traced image for speed of rendering. Sabrina can perform geometry error checking, display the tracks of Monte Carlo simulated particles, and translate solid body geometry descriptions to MCNP surface geometry.

The Unix Help Package describes Sabrina's features and functionality.

The Windows user interface is similar.

Sabrina is rich in features
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See a gallery of Sabrina Pictures.

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Sabrina Updates

Changes between Version 3.63 and present.

Changes mostly between Versions 3.54 and 3.63 (1993 to 1995)

Changes in Particle Tracks and Repeated Structures between 3.54 and 3.63.

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