Sabrina Gallery

A Sabrina Gallery

Reactor Core in 3 styles COLOR, ETCH, and COLOR + ETCH.
Thanks to Bilal A. Bhutta for the model.

Detail of Core

Put your Reactor in this Building

You will need Stairs if it's in the Basement

Labyrinths to prevent direct radiation shine. The one on the left uses ETCH/CELL to show all cells.

Reactor Building. Thanks again to Bilal.

Another Core Model (left)
Detail of Model (right)

Supercollider Detector

Two of Sabrina's Friends
(Human models from BodyBuilder)

Reactor Model with Multiple Lattices using Semi-Transparency Accelerator Target

APT Target Neutron Flux

Accelerator branch line A Floor Plan made by multiple Etchings overlaid

A Lattice of Cans

Solid Bodies Waste Container

Particle Tracks

Particle Tracks with Event Markers

Particle Tracks and Logging Tool

Tracks continuously color coded by energy in MeV

Sabrina's Favorite Drink in Different Lighting
Default Alternate

COLOR, ETCH, and DRAW versions of a cup

Someone saw a Fish in this


A Cube minus a Sphere

Transparency Example

Mr. Phantom gets an X-ray

Simple Molecule

X-ray Simulation

Just for fun. 2-D View.

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