Package & Volume Discounts

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Each copy of Moritz, Scan2MCNP, BodyBuilder, and GammaDef includes a software CD.  The software includes an executable for use on one computer, manual, help files, and, for Moritz, examples.  A package purchase of more than one product ships on a single CD; separate CDs for each product can be requested.   Distribution can be on floppy disks if requested. A printed manual is not included with software product. The manual is provided on the distribution CD in PDF format.

Sabrina is no longer available. It was previously licensed from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). White Rock Science was unable to negotiate a license renewal at a reasonable licensing fee with Los Alamos. We regret that LANL's intransigence has forced us to discontinue offering Sabrina.

To order, send purchase order by mail, FAX, or email attachment or prepay by credit card or check.  A combination FAX and voice mail machine may answer the telephone. It will recognize an incoming FAX after it gives a verbal greeting. If a call with an incoming FAX is answered by a person, the call will be terminated if there is insufficient time to activate the FAX receive mode and the next call (assuming it is an automatic redail by the sending FAX machine) will be answered by the FAX/answer machine.

Credit cards are no longer accepted directly. Payment by credit card is by PayPal invoice. We will prepare an invoice which will be sent to the customer who then supplies the credit card information to PayPal. We will ship (or make available for download) the software once PayPal notifies us the funds are available.

New Mexico customers are subject to Gross Receipts tax unless they provide a tax exempt certificate.

If desired, White Rock Science can provide a formal quote.  We can send the quote as an email attachment of a PDF document, by FAX, or mail.

Shipping: charges are additional at actual cost based on quote from carrier. We can also ship using the customer's express company account number.  A package with 1 CD weighs 170 g (6 oz).  Items are shipped from USA zip code 87544.  Note that some non-postal carriers, such as Federal Express, base their charges on a 1 pound minimum.

Federal Express and other private carriers require extensive documentation (SED) for shipments valued at over $2,500.  Air mail (to most countries by "Global Priority Mail") is strongly preferred for such shipments.

Electronic distribution is available if a physical shipment is not required. The distribution can be by download from the White Rock Science web site or by email. If requesting distribution by email, please check if your email filters block executable (.exe) and/or archive (.zip) files. Private (i.e. home) email addresses are usually more lenient than institutional address.

Volume discounts do not apply to the freight charge.
Free delivery in Los Alamos County and the city of Santa Fe.

Package & Volume Discounts
(Discounts apply to products ordered 
on same Purchase Order)
2 Different Products
(for example, Moritz & BodyBuilder)
3 or More Different Products
(for example, Scan2MCNP & Moritz & BodyBuilder)
2nd copy of Product or PackageA
3rd copy of Product or PackageA
4th and additional copies of Product or PackageA

A. Package means collection of different products to which a package discount (10% or 15%) applies.

The Discount is applied to the total list price. For example, the price of Moritz and BodyBuilder ordered together is $2000 + $500 = $2500 (List Price) - (10% of $2500 = $250) = $2250.

Volume discounts can be applied to complete packages. For example, the price for 2 copies of Moritz and 2 copies of BodyBuilder is $2250 (first copy of package) + $1912.50 (15% discount applied to package price) = $4162.50.

Otherwise, package and volume discounts cannot be mixed. The customer may choose the more advantageous combination of discounts. For example, the price of 2 copies of Scan2MCNP and 1 copy of Moritz can be calculated by one of  two methods:
  1. $750 (first copy of Scan2MCNP at full price) + $637.50 (second copy of Scan2MCNP with 15% discount) + $2000 (Moritz at full price) = $3387.50
  2. $2475 (Scan2MCNP + Moritz package [$750 + $2000 - 10% of $2750]) + $750 (second copy of Scan2MCNP ) = $3225. (A volume discount for the second copy of Sabrina is not applicable in this case.)
White Rock Science will honor the lower price calculated with method 2.

Kenneth A. Van Riper / email