Moritz Geometry Editor

Particle Tracks

The MCNP ptrac file contains data about the paths of selected particles. Moritz can process the file and show the tracks of particles in the 3D and 2D displays. The 2D tracks are useful for qualitative analysis such as verifying source positions and measuring depth of penetration into a barrier. The tracks can be shown as connected line segments, as dots at the event locations recorded in the file, or both. The user can select the line width and dot size. Changes in the track display and selection options take effect immediately. Moritz can write a ptrac file containing only those tracks that meet the filter conditions in effect.

See Particle Track Example  3D Particle Track Example

For proper display, source (src), bank (bnk), collision (col), and termination (ter) events must be included in the track file. When bank events are omitted, isolated points and tracks can appear and some filters may produce incorrect results. The PTRAC EVENT keyword controls which events are written.

The 2D particle track plots are a projection of the tracks onto the plane of the 2D plot. Only those tracks, or segments of tracks, within a distance W of the 2D cut’s plane are plotted. The width W is set on the Track 2D Options property page. Rather than a single width that results in the same distance limit on each side of the plane, separate distances above and below the plane can be chosen. The width or distances are always relative to the current value of the cut plane. The tracks are drawn on top of the 2D geometry.

2D link2D Particle Track Example

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