Moritz Geometry Editor

Material Definition and Assignment

Materials are defined and modified on the Material property page. The page contains a button for assigning the current material to cells. When that button is selected, the property sheet goes away. Clicking on a cell assigns the current material to that cell. In the material assignment mode, the newly assigned material number temporarily replaces the cell label. The numeric keypad + and Ė keys change the material being assigned. When changing a cellís material, the cellís 3D visibility is changed to match the new materialís 3D visibility if all other cells with that material are visible or invisible.

The Material Modify property page is available for changing a materialís ID number and/or density. The density can be copied from another material or typed into the property page. The new density can be applied to all cells using the current material.

The Material Composition property page shows the material definition. The fractions can be normalized so that they sum to unity and Converted between number and weight fractions. The Use Isotopes button replaces any elemental entries (where Z, but not A, is specified in the ZAID) to isotopic fractions by dividing the element's fraction among the naturally occurring isotopes of that element.

The Cell Selection dialog (invoked by Select By in the Selected Cells submenu of the Cell menu) can be used to delete all cells with a chosen material. Deleting all cells using a material does not delete that material. Unused materials are not included when an MCNP input file is written.

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