Moritz Geometry Editor

Importance Definition and Assignment

Importance values are entered in the Importance dialog. (Importances for individual cells can also be entered in the Cell property sheet) The Importance dialog contains a menu for selecting to which particle the current importance applies. In addition to entering an importance value directly, a multiplication factor can be specified. The factor multiplies or divides the current importance by using buttons on the dialog.

          ImportancesIn the importance assignment mode, entered by selecting the Assign Importance button on the dialog, the numeric keypad + and - keys multiply and divide the importance by the factor. The status line at the bottom of the Moritz main window shows the current importance. When assigning importances by clicking, the newly assigned importance temporarily replaces the cell label.  The next section describes importance labeling options.

Importances may be assigned separately for neutrons, photons, and electrons (n, p, and e). To accommodate the 31 additional particles that can be transported in MCNPX, the particles can be assigned to one of 3 importance groups. The n, p, and e particles may also be assigned to a group. Importances can be assigned to the groups as well as to n, p, and e. The group assignments are made on the Particle Groups property sheet.

Before assigning importances, especially when doing so for numerous cells, the user should check that the correct particles are selected on the dialog.
Cells can be colored by their importance See Color by
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