Moritz Geometry Editor

Exploded Views

An exploded view is made by applying offsets in the X, Y, and/or Z directions to cell positions with the offsets proportional to the distance between the cell’s original position and the center of the geometry. The cell position is the center of the cell’s bounding box. The geometry center is the center of the 3D scale box. The feature is controlled from the Explode property page (invoked from the 3D submenu of the Graphics menu).
Unexploded View
Unexploded View of a Part
Exploded View
A part exploded in one direction to show interior detail.

In the dynamic explosion mode, the offsets increase with time from 0. The frames can be saved for assembly into a movie. The dynamic mode is started from the property page or with the F11 function key. The F6 key terminates the mode.

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