Moritz Geometry Editor

Interactive Cell Creation

To create a cell, one first selects the surfaces and/or bodies that will bound the cell, and then clicks in the interior of the cell to establish the sense for those surfaces. If surfaces are selected in multiple 2D cuts, one must click for sense in each of those cuts. Multiple cells can be unioned together to make a single cell.

The cell definition process is initiated by selecting the Pick Cell Surfaces buttonon the toolbar or the corresponding entry in the Cell menu, after which surfaces are selected. Selected surfaces remain highlighted until the cell is created. Once the desired surfaces are picked, selecting the Make Cell buttonor the corresponding entry in the Cell menu, the click for sense mode is active. When all senses have been defined, the new cell is shaded, displayed in the 3D window (if it can be polygonalized), and the Pick Cell Surfaces mode is again active. If a undesired surface is picked, clicking the Pick Cell Surfaces button will clear all picked surfaces.

The surfaces do not appear in the cell description in the order in which they are picked.

Several features to speed cell creation are described on the following pages.

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