Moritz Geometry Editor

CAD Geometry

Some CAD formats support polygonalized representations of 3D models. The most common polygon is a triangle. Among these formats are DXF and IGES. While not strictly a CAD format, some programs can convert CAD models to VRML format. At present, Moritz can read DXF files. This capability has only been tested so far on polygons described with the DXF 3DFACE data type. Here are 3D pictures of a bearing model imported from a DXF file drawn as solid  and as wireframe .  DXF files can contain either 3D models or 2D drawings. Moritz has separate methods for 2D and 3D data.

We refer to the polygonalized geometries as CAD Objects. A CAD file may contain one or more objects. The 2D and 3D display styles is set for all CAD objects on the Cad Style property page and for individual objects on the CAD Objects property page. The style page contains a choice for the units of the CAD data so that the model can be converted to centimeters. The objects page contains controls for placing a bounding body around the CAD object. The bounding body is the smallest cylinder (RCC) or rectangular solid (RPP) that completely encloses the object. The body can be useful in defining the space exterior to the object and space between the object and the body.

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