Moritz Geometry Editor

Time Animation

Time animation shows points representing the particles moving in time. The animation can show only particle markers or can include all or a portion of the tracks behind the particle markers. The animation will help the expert in both understanding the dynamics of the model and explaining the transport behavior to a layperson.

The particle track data consists of a sequence of events. Among the information associated with each event is the position (X, Y, & Z) and time (if the MCNP/MCNPX PTRAC command includes the WRITE = ALL keyword). Particle track paths are constructed of straight line segments between successive event positions.

Parameters controlling the time animation are set on the animation property page. From the page, one can enter the animation modes or the corresponding manual mode. In the manual mode, time is incremented or decremented using the arrow keys. When the animation is active, pressing an arrow key stops the animation and enters the manual mode. When either the animation or manual mode is terminated, all tracks (subject to any filters and bounds in effect) are displayed. The mode is terminated from the property or by the F6 function key. The F9 key starts the animations.  During an animation or manual mode, the status bar at the bottom of the Moritz program window shows the time of the current frame. The animation can be shown in any combination of the 3D and 2D windows.

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