Moritz Geometry Editor

ITS Accept Files

Moritz can read and write the geometry section of ITS Accept input files. Accept is the 3D electron & photon Monte Carlo transport of the Integrated Tiger Series of codes from Sandia National Laboratories. The geometry is based on solid bodies, most of which are the same as the Sabrina/MORSE bodies and the MCNP macrobodies. The Read, Preview, and Write submenus of the File menu contain Accept items. Read ITS and Write ITS buttons can be placed on the toolbar.

The Accept ELL is defined by the coordinates of the 2 foci and the diameter of the major axis. The MCNP ELL (in the R > 0 variant) is defined by the 2 foci and the radius of the major axis. Moritz may not handle both cases consistently; we will sort out the different treatments.

A unique Accept feature is cell subzoning where cells can be evenly subdivided in various directions. At present, Moritz reads and remembers the subzoning specifications. We will add display options to show the subzoning and editing features to define and change subzoning.

Additional support will include inactivating objects not understood by Accept (such as the RHP body), implementing some restrictions (such as not permitting elliptical cross sections in tori), and display body based cell descriptions with the Accept sense convention.

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