Moritz Geometry Editor


Using Moritz

Moritz Windows
The Moritz Interface
Moritz Window Types
Window Sets
Retrieving Lost Windows
The Toolbar


Variable Syntax
Variable Window

  Surfaces and Solid Bodies

Coefficient Units
Surface Plotting
Body Plotting
Surface and Body Picking
Surface/Body Creation and Modification
Interactive Creation
Interactive Surface Creation
Interactive Body Creation
Interactive Moving and Resizing
Surface Offsets
Surface Ordering
MCNP Macrobodies and Other Solid Bodies
Tabular Surface of Revolution TABSF 
Decomposition to Surfaces, Bodies, and Cells
TABSF in MCNP Input Files 
Interpolation and Nesting
Translation and Duplication


  Interactive Cell Creation
Simple Cell Creation
Persistent Surfaces
Outside Cells
Keyboard Shortcuts
Making Unions
Splitting Cells
Joining Cells
Material Definition and Assignment
Importance Definition and Assignment
2D Cell Drawing Options
Repeated Structures
Repeated Structures Editing
Clipping to the Container Cell
Lattice Display Styles
Large Lattices
Voxel Lattices
Motion Display Styles

MCNP and MCNPX Data Items

Selective Tally Reading
Material Library

2D Windows

Geometry Testing
2D Context Menu
Dimension Scales

Reading and Writing Files

Checkpoint Files
MCNP Input Files
ITS Accept Files
TRIPOLI4 Input Files
Reading GIFT5 Geometry
Importing CAD Geometry

Text Windows

Information Window
Transcript Window
File Listing Window
Report Window

Cell Polygonalization

Disadvantages of Complicated Cell Descriptions
3D Shapes
Cell Analysis.
Cell Analysis with Solid Body Geometry
Combinatorial  Triangles Polygonalization
Model Bounding Box
Quadric Surfaces
Avoiding Large Polygonalization Times
Unnecessary Surfaces
Alternate Cell Descriptions
Viewing Cell Descriptions
Overlapping Polygons
Omit Inner Shells
Variable Cylinder Tessellation
Saving and Restoring Polygons

Surface to Solid Body Geometry Conversion

Interactive Creation of Bodies from Surfaces
Automatic Conversion to Solid Body Geometry

Interacting with the 3D Display

3D Scale Box
3D Image Motion
Auto Rotation
Rotation Center
Look Towards
Image Size
Motion Sequences
3D Axis
Fly Through Mode.
Clip Planes
3D Selection
3D Context Menu
Shape Styles
Exploded Views
3D Scaling

Lighting Model

Light Sources
Material Colors
Alpha Semi Transparency

Ray Traced Pictures

Making a Ray Traced Picture
Ray Tracing Window
Light Source and Shadows
Background Picture

Particle Tracks

Event Markers
       Short Track Segments
Additional Track Files
Time Animation
Animation Times
Display Style
Skyshine Example
Making a Movie

Coloring Cells by Value


Volume Fraction Calculation
Voxel Conversion

Mesh Tally Data

2D Display of Mesh Tally Data
           Overlapping Mesh Tallies
           Mesh Tally Contour Lines
                     Mesh Tally Interpolation
3D Display of Mesh Tally Data
3D Performance with Tally Meshes
Elevated Mesh Tally Plots
Data Planes
Collapsed Meshes
Data Extraction

Mesh Based Weight Windows

Color Legend Bar

Color Legend Window
Placing the Color Legend in Plots

CAD Geometry

Conversion of 2D Models
Cylindrically Symmetric 2D Models
Conversion of Polygonalized 3D Models
Geometry from STEP Files

Trouble Shooting

Registry Corruption
Moritz Crashes
2D Plot is Solid, Empty, or Weird
Input Processing / 3D Drawing Takes a Long Time
3D Graphics Performance is Poor
Nothing or Garbage Appears in 3D Window
Some 3D Cells are Not Rendered Very Well
Everything in the 3D Window is Black
The Plots are Very Small
Moritz is Running, but Nothing is Visible
Errors/Warnings When Reading MCNPX/MCNP Input Files
Stuff is Missing in 2D Plot Hardcopies
Can't Change Solid/Wireframe Style of 3D Objects
Cells not Drawn Completely in 2D
3D Image is Distorted
2D Lattice Cells are the Wrong Color

New Features & Updates by Version

Version 1.31 (2/13/17)
Version 1.30 (3/10/15)
Version 1.29 (1/15/16)
Version 1.28 (12/20/15)
Version 1.27 (4/1/15)
Version 1.26(10/1/14)

Version 1.25 (7/26/13)
Version 1.24 (4/29/13)
Version 1.23 (8/5/12)
Version 1.22 (5/9/12)
Version 1.21 (3/8/12)
Version 1.20 (11/9/11)
Version 1.19 (4/4/11)
Version 1.18 (9/30/10)
Version 1.17 (5/26/10)
Version 1.16 (12/17/09)
Version 1.15 (11/1/09)
Version 1.14 (9/23/09)
Version 1.13 (3/10/09)
Version 1.12 (10/15/08)
Version 1.11 (8/1/08)
Version 1.10 (6/22/08)
Version 1.09 (4/9/08)
Version 1.08 (8/12/07)
Version 1.07 (10/21/06)
Version 1.06 (8/23/06)
Version 1.05 (6/20/06)
Version 1.04 (5/31/06)
Version 1.03 (3/30/06)
Version 1.02 (8/30/04)
Version 1.01 (8/30/04)
Version 1.00 (8/30/04)
Version 0.99 (8/30/04)
Version 0.98 (8/30/04)
Version 0.97 (8/30/04)
Version 0.96 (8/30/04)
Version 0.95 (8/30/04)
Version 0.94 (7/15/04)
Version 0.93 (6/3/04)
Version 0.92 (4/28/04)
Version 0.91 (2/11/04)
Version 0.90 (11/18/03)
Version 0.89 (7/10/03)
Version 0.88 (6/6/03)
Version 0.87 (4/28/03)
Version 0.86 (4/3/03)
Version 0.85 (2/12/03)
Version 0.84 (12/10/02)
Version 0.83 (11/14/02)
Version 0.82 (10/22/02)
Version 0.81 (9/30/02)
Version 0.80 (9/17/02) & 0.79 (9/11/02)
Version 0.78 (8/19/02

Development Plans

3D Graphics
2D Graphics
Input & Output Files
User Interface

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