email for White Rock Science &

Kenneth A. Van Riper

Our plain text email addresses will no longer appear on our web pages to prevent automatic address harvesters from adding the addresses to yet more spam recipient lists.

The primary email address for both White Rock Science and Kenneth A. Van Riper is


One part is Dr. Van Riper's initials. Another part is a common ending.  The other is shorthand for the famous road from Chicago to Los Angeles --- Get your kicks on _____  (and don't forget Winona) --- the highway taken by immigrants to California during the dust bowl.

The internet service provider of the above address agressively filters for spam, so agressively that it bounces some legitimate emails (and sometimes just has a bad day and rejects everything). The following is an alternate email address:

alt email

Some components are the same as the first address. The other should be obvious.  Note that there are no spaces.