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BodyBuilder is a computer program for the generation of human anthropomorphic phantoms of arbitrary age, from infant through adult. Pregnant females, at 3, 6, and 9 months into gestation, including fetal detail, are available. The phantom's sex may be chosen, as well as which organs to include in the model. A graphical user interface controls the selections and operation of the program. Output is in the form of input files for the Monte Carlo N-Particle program MCNP; an alternative output file, containing visualization attributes, facilitates imaging of the geometry by the Sabrina graphics program. BodyBuilder is available for personal computers running Windows95 and later.

Introduction - Anthropomorphic Phantoms

Oak Ridge Phantoms

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Paper on MCNP Studies of Doses from Clinical X-ray Procedures including images of Particle Tracks from MCNP models of fluoroscopic examinations.
Graphics by Sabrina and Moritz.

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