BodyBuilder Materials

The material compositions written to the MCNP input file are taken from the Oak Ridge reports (ORNL/TM-8381/VI1 and ORNL/TM-129072).

The materials used in BodyBuilder are:

ID Description Density (g cm-3)
1 Adult Soft Tissue 1.04
2 Skeleton 1.4
3 Lungs 0.296
4 Air 0.001020
5 Undifferentiated Tissue (Sabrina Only) n/a
6 Skin (Sabrina Only) n/a
8 Fetal Skeleton 1.22

1M. Cristy and K. F. Eckerman, "Specific Absorbed Fractions of Energy at Various Ages from Internal Photon Sources. I. Methods," Oak Ridge National Laboratory Report ORNL/TM-8381/VI (1987).

2M. G. Stabin, E. E. Watson, M. Cristy, J. C. Ryman, K. F. Eckerman, J. L. Davis, D. Marshall, and M. K. Gehlen, "Mathematical Models and Specific Absorbed Fractions of Photon Energy in the Nonpregnant Adult Female and at the End of Each Trimester of Pregnancy," Oak Ridge National Laboratory Report ORNL/TM-12907 (1995).

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