BodyBuilder Development Plans

We will enhance the heart and skeleton models as described above and implement alternative descriptions for the Oak Ridge organs that use 4th order surfaces.

The image to the right is a rear view of a newborn skeleton.

Height and Weight

We will implement more choices for height and/or weight by adjusting some surfaces to account for the desired stature. We are considering independent extra thicknesses for the front and rear semiminor axes and thickness adjustments on the legs. A standard or user-supplied height-versus-weight table will be used to determine a height for a given weight or vice versa. It will probably be necessary to impose a minimum weight for a given height.

Other Enhancements

Programs to place the phantoms in variety of settings are under consideration. Possible applications include nuclear medicine and X-ray clinical configurations and typical occupational scenarios for various nuclear activities. Such programs would include a library of objects and sources found in the particular situation. Library objects could be chosen and arranged, both graphically and by textual specification. A transport simulation code, such as MCNP, could be run under control of the program, and results of the simulation displayed together with the geometry.

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