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BodyBuilder is a computer program for the generation of human anthropomorphic phantoms of arbitrary age, from infant through adult. Pregnant females, at 3, 6, and 9 months into gestation, including fetal detail, are available. The phantom's sex may be chosen, as well as which organs to include in the model. A graphical user interface controls the selections and operation of the program. Output is in the form of input files for the Monte Carlo N-Particle program MCNP; an alternative output file, containing visualization attributes, facilitates imaging of the geometry by the Sabrina graphics program. BodyBuilder is available for personal computers running Windows95 and later.

The image to the right is a front view of an adult female phantom. All internal organs and the breasts are shown. The skeleton is rendered as semi-transparent.

Introduction - Anthropomorphic Phantoms

Oak Ridge Phantoms

Phantom Generation Code

User Interface

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NEW: Legs Up & Sitting Postures

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More Images

Female Phantom with Organs, Rear View

New Born Skeleton from the Rear

Nine-Month PregnantPhantom with Organs, Cut-away Side View

Internal Female Organs. The Stomach, Liver, and Small Intestine are shown semi-transparent.

Phantom at the Office

Phantom gets a PET Scan

PET Source Points in Skull

Mom Gets Flouroscoped

Paper on MCNP Studies of Doses from Clinical X-ray Procedures including images of Particle Tracks from MCNP models of fluoroscopic examinations.
Graphics by and Moritz

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